God’s Grand Design – Bible study seminar

We examine evidence for the hand of God in the original text of the Bible – in the 66 books that comprise the Old and New Testaments.

Our purpose is to increase faith in the reliability of the Word of God and to demonstrate that the writings point to Jesus, the promised Messiah – the Savior of all who place their trust in Him and in His atoning death on the cross and in His resurrection from the dead.

The seminar examines easily verifiable design features in the text. You will become familiar with the original languages of Hebrew and Greek without needing to master them. The examples are simple and easy to follow.

This is not mysticism or hidden knowledge. No new doctrines are put forward. Everything you need to know for salvation is revealed in the plain text of the English translation of your Bible. However, your faith, which is “worth more than gold” (1 Pet 1:7), will be strengthened when you see the wonders of God’s “grand design” in Scripture.

Each seminar session is presented in a video embedded on this website. Study notes can be downloaded for most of the sessions.

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God’s Grand Design Seminar

Session 1 – Introduction

After viewing the Introduction, your next session is: Session 2 – Types and Shadows»